Dear Student and Family,

Welcome to COLLEGE DIRECTIONS OF CNY. If you are visiting this site than you are probably a  college-bound junior or senior about to embark on the college application process. High school graduation and college are not that far off. This is the beginning of a great adventure for you.

Empowering students to make smart college choices.

While the college admission process is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Often families recognize that they want additional guidance and support throughout the process, and ultimately in making this important decision. That’s where College Directions of CNY fits in.

Helping them differentiate themselves from their peers gives students a competitive advantage and allows them to stand out among other applicants. I position students for success by help students determine what kind of person they want to become and what experiences they want to have in their college journey.

My goal is to help each student find the right college fit to match their academic achievements, talents, educational goals, and family financial situation. I provide personal guidance and a comprehensive understanding of how the admissions process works, ensuring that students apply to colleges where they are competitive and most likely to succeed. No matter what your interests or goals, there are a number of outstanding opportunities awaiting you.

I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Best regards,